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Last updated: 03/01/18


Office Bearers and Other Committee Mailing Lists Club Poster

Contact Information

Hon. President Ruth Payne N/A
President Marj Ewan
Vice President Sue Chalmers
Vice President Colin Brown
Secretary Ken Thomson
Treasurer/Membership Secretary Derek Pinches
Hut Custodian Kees Witte
Muir Booking Secretary David Kirk
Day Meets Secretary Garry Wardrope
Weekend Meets Secretary Jim Bryce
Climbing Meets Secretary James Hirst
Social Activities Secretary Vacant
Communications Secretary Colin Brown
Midweek Walks Co-ordinator Marion White
Committee Member David Brown
Committee Member Rod Campbell
Committee Member Joyce Ritchie
Committee Member Ivan Hiscox
Committee Member Jean Robinson
Committee Member Izy Kirkaldy
Committee Member Michael Tonge
Webmaster Colin Brown
Newsletter Editor Colin Brown
Librarian Ken Thomson
Club Journal Editor Jean Robinson
Training Co-ordinator Adrian Scott


The popularity of e-mail as a means of communication has been steadily increasing with Club members.  As a result a mailing list has been set up to facilitate this.  Mailing lists are lists of e-mail addresses stored centrally to which you can subscribe (i.e. add your e-mail address to the list), which are then used to send messages to all members of the list.

The list is used to distribute the Club Newsletter and other official communications from the Club and for general use by members.  All members of the list can post to all other members.  Typical use of the list is to organize ad-hoc meets and social meetings, selling/buying  gear etc.

This list is hosted on "Yahoo", a general web portal service which makes its money by including a small advert with the email - so we don't pay for it.  To access all the facilities of the list, such as an on-line message archive (you can see all posted messages on the Yahoo web site), being able to stop messages being sent to you temporarily (e.g. if away from Aberdeen) etc., it is best to "join" Yahoo.  This doesn't cost anything and once you have your "username" and "password" you can log on to Yahoo and subscribe to the list and then access all the facilities of the list. 

If you do not have access to the web or do not need these facilities, then you can subscribe/unsubscribe to/from the lists simply by emailing the addresses below - from the mail account you wish to use.

Members can elect to only receive the Newsletter and official Club communications from the list.  To do this, go to the list web site (detailed below), log on to Yahoo, click [Edit My Membership] and then select "Special Notices Only".  If you are not sure how to do this or do not have a Yahoo account please email the list owner  to request this.

Note.  You must have joined this list before you can post messages to it.

If you need to remove a mail address, perhaps because you no longer have access to it, then email the "list owner" as detailed above with details of the address you wish removed.  Please contact this address if you have any questions about the lists.  Note the "list owner" can not change the email address under which you have subscribed, only delete it.

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Download a copy of the Club Poster here.