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Last updated: 06/02/18


Membership Benefits Membership Options Annual Subscriptions Club Constitution

Club Membership

Membership Benefits

Membership of the Cairngorm Club brings you a number of benefits, including:
o Regular meets throughout the year, e.g.
             o       monthly day (usually Sundays) meets to the hills
             o       monthly week-end meets, usually to huts or hostels in Scotland
             o       monthly social meets (e.g. indoor slide-show talks) during the winter
             o       Tuesday evening climbing meets to cliffs near Aberdeen or Transition Extreme climbing wall
             o       Monthly Thursday “mid-week” walks within an hour’s drive from Aberdeen
             o       Annual Dinner, barbecue, ceilidh and other social events
o Reduced rates and guaranteed beds at the high-standard Club “hut” at Muir of Inverey, and reciprocal use of sister club huts
o Access to the member-only Forum website, Club website, e-mail system, etc.
o Reduced costs of Club training courses, e.g. in winter skills, and first aid
o Subsidies on other relevant training courses
o Membership of the North East Mountain Trust (NEMT), providing representation at local level
o Membership of the Mountaineering Council of Scotland (MCofS), providing representation at national level, civil
   liability insurance against claims incurred during Club activities, the quarterly Scottish Mountaineer magazine, and
   reduced costs for travel insurance, training courses, etc. for hillwalkers, climbing and mountaineers (see for further details)
o The Club Newsletter three times a year, and the Cairngorm Club Journal every couple of years
o Use of the extensive Club Library at Kings College, University of Aberdeen
o Discounts at leading Aberdeen-area climbing equipment shops
o Discount at a leading Aberdeen-area Physio
o Use of the Club’s National Trust membership cards.

Membership Options

There are three types of membership: -

For Ordinary membership, you have to satisfy the Committee that you have, in general terms, the experience and ability to look after yourself and lead others in all conditions normally encountered on the Scottish hills. You have to set out your experience on the application form, as well as having it proposed and seconded by two Ordinary members who know you. You can of course join as an Associate and transfer later to Ordinary membership.

Carrying almost the same rights as Ordinary membership, this is for those without the necessary experience for Ordinary membership but who share the general objects of the Club, and wish to join in its activities. No proposer or seconder is needed.

If you wish to attend one or more meets to see whether this is the club for you, you can join for a maximum of a 6 month period as an Interim member. No membership subscription is required, just the normal fee for meet(s) that you attend. You can later progress to become an Associate or Ordinary member.

For all three types of membership, you have to be aged at least 18.

The membership application form, which can be downloaded by clicking here (Adobe PDF format / MS Word format),
can be used to apply for any of the three types of membership. To join as an Interim member, submit it to the appropriate Meets Secretary or Committee member with payment (if needed) for whatever activity you first want to book for. To join as an Associate or Ordinary member, submit it to the Membership Secretary for consideration at the next committee meeting. You do not need to send any payment. The Membership Secretary will let you know once the application has been considered, and will inform you of the amount payable as first subscription.

If you think that the Club is of interest to you but you cannot manage to attend any of the activities detailed in the current Members Newsletter, please nevertheless contact the Membership Secretary, and he will see that you receive a copy of the next one.

Club Subscriptions

The Club's subscription year is the same as the Club's financial year and runs froms 1st October to 30th September each year.
The Club is affiliated to the MCofS and pays an affiliation fee to the MCofS for each and every active member. This affiliation fee includes the cost of Civil Liability Insurance (CLI) which covers the Club members, the Club Committee members and the Club itself.

This has resulted in the following Club Subscriptions for the current year:





MCofS + Insurance










Subscriptions for the year become due on 1st October.

For those paying by Direct Debit this will be collected automatically on 1st October 2017 for 2017/18.
Others should send their subscriptions to Derek Pinches, the Club Treasurer.

The reduced rate above is available for members who, on 1st October, are aged 65 or over, or under 21; or under 25 and still in full-time education, or who are normally resident and working more than 80km from Aberdeen. 
First subscriptions are only part of a full year's subscription, based on when admission occurred within the Club year.

Club Constitution
The current version of the Cairngorm Club constitution can be downloaded here.