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Last updated: 23/12/14


Derry Cairngorm
7 Dec, 2014

It was quite a day out, many thanks to Sue for orgainising and driving and Anne for collecting the bus.  Nine in total made the summit, a particularly great effort from Jithin on his first time ever in snow anywhere.  A few of the pics I took from the day.


The path out


Meeting Mountain Rescue leaving their Derry base


Our first visit to Bob Scott's for our morning break


Crossing the Derry


Anne leaving us - off for a snooze! 


Onwards and upwards


Traversing a snow pocket


Lunch - in the windiest spot we could find 


Across the plateau


The summit ridge - very windy


Tea in Bob Scot's - on the way back


Bob Scot's again


Authors -Garry Wardrope
Photos - Garry Wardrope