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Last updated: 26/02/12


Strathspey Mountain Hostel Weekend Meet
17 - 19 Feb, 2012

The meet began early for two of the party as on Friday Ian and Jim Bryce set off from the car park at the end of the minor road which leads north west from Newtonmore and with strong squally winds blowing from the west and the sky that was often very black and menacing they had a straightforward day on Creag Liath


Creag Liath


On Saturday morning Chris, Sue, Vicky and Marj set off to do A' Chailleach and Carn Sgulain. The weather was challenging and the going was tough. Although they only managed to get to the summit of A' Chailleach they had an enjoyable, but character building day !!




The burn was crossed by a bridge and then an early lunch in a nice little tin hut.



The walk up to the col was not too bad, but windy at times and cold with visibility poor in the snow showers.


The summit was serious


They had to get down as quickly as possible. After a slight drift in direction as it was so difficult they regained the col and the correct route. It had closed in a lot and there was a lot of fresh snow that wasn't there on the way up. They didn't get much views.



Chris was great at route finding and very kindly found the holes so the others could avoid them.




And back to the tin hut.


A late lunch was taken here as there was very little eaten on the hill. The snow was soft and got in everythere. If you opened a pocket or rucksack it just filled with snow. The jacket zips between the velcro and every nook and cranny on the rucksacks was filled up.

They then went straight down to the burn and Sue and Marj both managed to slip off rocks into the water. Vicky took the other option and followed the bank down to the bridge which we used on the way up.

They were very proud of ourselves for accomplishing as much as we did, all good experience.


Also on that wild morning  Jim and Ian set off for Meall nan Eagan which lies about 3 miles north west of Dalwhinnie. There were frequent snow showers driven by a strong wind as they walked up the Allt an t-Sluic and summited Meall nan Eagan.


Meall nan Eagan summit


Sunday dawned a better day so Sue, Vicky and Marj headed to Sgairneach Mhor starting along Allt Coire Dhomhain and up to the col between the hump next to Sow of Atholl and Sgairneach Mhor. The day was a complete contrast to Saturday. The views were amazing and it was sunny all day but very cold and windy up high.


Main objective zoomed in


… and out with Sow of Atholl to left.


The going was made easier by a couple ahead breaking a path for us.



Looking east


The summit with Ben Alder behind


Heading down




Also on Sunday while the others were on a Munro Ian and Jim set off for a Graham, Creag Dhubh. This is a rocky hill about 2 miles south west of Newtonmore, and is well known for its rock climbs. There were several inches of fresh snow over most of the hill.  They walked west on the road for about 300m to a gate in the fence and walked uphill and were soon on the track which is marked on the map, the track is not visible from the gate.  There were excellent views of the Creag Meagaidh group, the Beinn a’Chlachair group, the Newtonmore Munros and the Dalwhinnie Munros.  Unfortunately the tops of the Glen Feshie hills were covered in mist.  The views down Strath Spey were quite something special.


They agreed that this was a cracking hill which gave quite a sporting ascent in soft snow and sunny weather – just fabulous.


Looking towards Creag Meagaidh


Zoom on a Munro to the south west


Zoom on Creah Meagaidh


The final slope up to the summit


The Newtonmore Munros


Ian approaching the summit


Newtonmore Munros from Creag Dhubh


As can be seen, for both parties, it was a brilliant end to weekend.


Authors - Marj Ewan & Jim Bryce
Photos - Marj Ewan & Jim Bryce