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Last updated: 15/10/10


Glen Tanar

Six brave souls made it to the (cleared) Glen Tanar car park, on a chilly (-9C) Sunday morning, half on ski, half on foot.

The Skiers
Once over the bridge (awkward for skiers) to the Visitor Centre, the group sped along to the chapel to get the feel of the snow and relative speeds, and at the junction the plowterers on foot headed directly up the Firmounth path while the slitherers on ski, went up the Tanar and then the Allachy.

Conditions were great; blue skies overhead, and masses of snow everywhere.

Near the ford at 482821, the two groups met again, but continued their separate ways, the plowterers aiming for Tom Guibhais on the other side of the Allachy while the slitherers headed uphill to the Firmounth path.

What happened to the former group is explained below, but apparently the prospect of fording the Allachy did not appeal, and they returned down the glen. Anyway, they were back in the warmth and comfort of the Visitor Centre and their car at about 2pm, and had to wait an hour for the others to return.

Meanwhile, the slitherers battled uphill, discussing the merits of wax, skins and fishscales, ploughing a new track over undisturbed snow to the top of the woods at about 490915. From here, a wide view included Lochnagar although its cliffs were so white that it looked positively undistinguished amongst the other eminences (Mount Keen, etc.) around.

Then it was down the main Firmounth path, with Telemark turns tricky in the two deep channels left by previous skiers (followed apparently by several herds of elephants using the same route). Hopes of a long gentle slide down to Glen Tanar House were dashed by long, level (and tree-blinded) stretches, but nevertheless it was a satisfying end to the day out (except for the occasional fall).


The Walkers

Thanks to Cross country skiers, us 'walkers' were able to make reasonable progress in snow that was about 20 inches deep.

A circular walk was completed starting at the East side of the river, up the Firmounth and then back down to the right to the river. Basically we circled the 'Strone' Hill.

Along the way we kept on bumping into lots of people, skiers, walkers and even a mountain biker. We came across another walking group - The Granite City Hillwalking Club who seemed to be doing our walk in reverse.

The walk was followed by a nice cup of tea at the ex-Presidents house along with some lovely home baking.

Authors - Ken Thomson & Alex Barbour
Photos - Ken Thomson, Alex Barbour & Derek Beverley