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Last updated: 15/10/10


8 - 11 July 2010

Six attended the meet to the White House in Barisdale - Stan Urbaniak, Peter Aikman, Andy Lawson, Dave Liddle, Dave Smith and Jim Bryce.

On Thursday 8 July Stan ascended the Corbett Sgurr nan Eugallt and then spent the night in the B+B at Kinloch Hourn farm. He was joined for the night by Andy and Jim. Friday morning was wet. Undaunted Andy set off with all his gear for the weekend and climbed Sgurr nan Eugallt, Sgurr Sgiath Airigh, Meall nan Eun, An Caisteal and Beinn Bhuidhe before dropping down to the White House at Barisdale. What heights some will go to avoid the lovely coastal walk from Kinloch Hourn to Barisdale!! Stan and Jim avoided the walk by taking Billy Mackenzie's ferry. After dumping their gear at the White House Stan and Jim tackled the Corbett Sgurr a' Choire-bheithe. They left in the pouring rain and as they climbed the wind grew stronger. When they reached the summit the wind and rain eased. On the way down the mist lifted and they experienced that wonderful feeling of being able to see distant objects again. In the evening Peter and the two Daves arrived by ferry from Arnisdale. Saturday was a pleasant, dry day. Andy and the two Dave's climbed Sgurr a' Choire-bheithe and then Andy walked out to Kinloch Hourn and went home.

Peter went walking in search of his kilometre square thingy's. Stan and Jim did the Corbett Ben Aden. On Sunday morning everybody left by ferry. Stan still had enough energy to climb the Corbett, Bhuide Bheinn/Sgurr a' Bhac Chaolais.

For a report on Andy's two walks click here.

Sgurr a' Choire-bheithe
On Friday after leaving gear at the White House Stan Urbaniak and Jim Bryce set off up the long easy-angled WNW ridge of Sgurr a'Choire-bheithe.  It was raining heavily and before long we were in the mist.  Near the summit the weather improved a little.  We were fortunate that the rain stopped and the mist rose as we descended. 

A wet Stan at summit cairn


The mist began to lift


Descending with Barisdale behind


Nearly down


Looking up Glen Barisdale


The White House

Peters Saturday
Yes, and Peter only got one thingy-square, but had a good day out I hadn't been in Knoydart before, but it lived up to its reputation as a wild place And we all had the best of the weather on the Saturday Thanks to Jim for the  arrangements, and the comforts of the White House

After the previous day's rain, water was pouring off the hills

I struggled up to the Bealach between Slat Beinn and Sgurr Choire a Bheithe

Sunday's mass exodus was by boat - Jim and Stan first, heading east

I expect this young chap is still munching

Ben Aden
Saturday 10 July was a pleasant, somewhat sunny day. Stan Urbaniak and Jim Bryce left the White House, Barisdale and headed for Ben Aden. On a reasonably good track they ascended the Mam Unndalain at roughly 570m. They continued on a good stalker's path down to the east end of Lochan nam Breac at roughly 200m. From there they climbed up the Allt Coire Cruaiche and 6 hours 10 minutes after leaving Barisdale arrived at the summit of Ben Aden. From the summit there were good views of Sgurr na Ciche and the lengthy, rough Druim Chosaidh ridge of Sgurr a'Choire-bheithe.

The pair returned to Barisdale some 11 hours and 30 minutes after setting off !!

Author - Jim Bryce & Peter Aikman
Photos - Jim Bryce & Peter Aikman