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Last updated: 14/06/11


Inbhirfaolain, Glen Etive.
3 - 4 Jun, 2011

There were six members Marj, Sue C, Sue M, Jasmine, Vicky, Grace and three guests Neil, Jack and Fiona at this meet. There was beautiful weather and very few midges. If anything it was too hot.

Grace, Jasmine, Jack and Marj had an early start from Aberdeen to do a walk on the way over. They did Beinn Dubhchraig and Ben Oss from Dalrigh and after eating at the Kingshouse and meeting up with Sue M they headed for the hut where Fiona had been waiting for about 2 hours and so had pitched her tent in the yard.



Parked at Dalrigh and set off up Allt Coire Dubhchraig


The bridge was a bit of a challenge as parts were missing.


It was very hot but also very wet underfoot which made the going a bit tough at times.



The summit of Beinn Dubhchraig.


Looking to Ben Oss with Ben Lui behind.


Jasmine and Jack ascending Ben Oss, got fed up following the path so went up the face of the hill.


Grace on Ben Oss summit with Ben Lui behind.


Looking back to Beinn Dubhchraig.




The group photo.


Fiona with her tent.


The compost toilet on the end of the building.


Sue C, Neil and Vicky arrived not long after and everyone settled in and made their plans and changed them and made them again for the next day.


Vicky and Marj ascended the lower part of Curved Ridge to access Rannoch Wall and then climbed Agags Groove and then descended by Curved Ridge. Unfortunately there are no photos of the climb on Saturday as Marj forgot to pack her camera. It could have been good as they spent a long time on a couple of the belays (about an hour and a half on one) with nothing to do (Marj nodded off at one point) while waiting for a slow group to move upwards. They had planned to do another route but with spending so long on Agags that they ran out of time.

Grace, Jack and Jasmine did Stob Dubh on Buachaille Etive Beag.


Neil, Sue M, Fiona and Sue C headed up Buachaille Etive Mor.  It was a pleasant day, fairly warm and still but with a bit of cloud hanging around the tops.  They made quick progress up the corrie and were surprised how quickly they reached the first summit, Stob Dearg (1022m).  However, they were even more surprised when another party on the summit announced they were getting married - and then did so.  During the course of the ceremony one or two scramblers appeared over Curved Ridge and looked a bit bemused to find themselves attending a wedding.  Everyone applauded when the "celebrant" declared the couple man and wife.  We wished them well and went on our way.  (Maybe they should have stayed for the reception...)


Neil on the way up Coire na Tulaich.


Stob Dearg summit (in the cloud now).


The wedding.


They then went back to the bealach and carried on along the ridge where they were in cloud for most of the way but got the occasional glimpse of the views.


Walking along the ridge.


The final Munro, Stob na Broige, didn't seem much after its higher neighbour, but it was a very satisfying ridge walk anyway.  They then backtracked along the ridge to descend via a path which is currently under construction down into the Lairig Gartain and back to the car.

Everyone then made it to the Kingshouse for a meal together before heading back to hut for a tipple and chatting by the fire.


Sue M headed down into the Glen and the others, not in the party below, all headed for home.


After some discussion, the same group as went up Buachaille Etive Mor, minus Sue M, went for Creise and Meall a'Bhuirdidh.  This time they were surprised how very long it took them to get up on to the ridge.  The going up the side of Cam Ghleann was tough - steep and lots of scree.  (According to Cameron McNeish this is is the easier route!)  They also noticed that there was no-one else around, unlike the previous day when Buachaille Etive Mor had been pretty busy.


Struggling up the side of the ridge.


On the ridge at last.


Once finally up there, they stopped for lunch and then very quickly after, reached the summit of Creise (1100m).  There was little cloud so at least they got the views.  At this point they met two other parties, both of whom had come up via the Glencoe ski centre and were descending the same route.  Obviously they knew something about the side of the hill we ascended!  Then it was over a narrow ridge, up to Meall a' Bhuiridh and down via the tracks under the ski tows.  It was a steep descent and nice to reach flat ground again at the bottom.


Final summit of the day.


Back on flat ground again.


This "shorter" day turned out to be quite long, but at least there were good views of where they’d been the previous day and of the surrounding hills.  After refreshment at the Kingshouse, Neil, Vicky, and Sue headed for Tyndrum and home.  Fiona set off in the opposite direction for Inverness. 


A great weekend was had by all.

Authors - Marj Ewan & Sue Chalmers
Photos - Marj Ewan & Sue Chalmers