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Last updated: 15/10/10


Traverse to Ballater
11 May 2008

Sunday 11th May found a small but select group of Club members nine in all - heading for Ballater from the Angus Glens, over Mount Keen.  The day was fair, though there were wisps of mist swirling around the summit.  The sun did break through from time to time (particularly in the second half of the day), but sunstroke and dehydration were not a risk.

Summit of Mount Keen

Some four enthusiasts (led by Postman Derek) sped across the hills as if in training to join the marines, and stormed into Ballater in time to set up their first round at 2.30pm. 

At much the same time, the rest of the party were eating their sandwiches and enjoying the summit view while the Weekends Meet Coordinator and the Training Co-ordinator conversed on weekend events planned for 2010!

For those making the leisurely Traverse reaching the bus at the target departure hour of 5.00pm there was much to enjoy on the way:  the call of the cuckoo in the Angus Glens, ptarmigan and dotterel near the summit of Mount Keen, and a glorious bank thick with cowslips in Glen Muick!

A good day was had by all.

It is understood that the female dotterel is allowed out with her girl friends, leaving the male to sit on the nest.
Webmaster edit: Aye right ;-)

Author: Eilidh Scobbie, PhotoGraphs: Alex MacMillan