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Last updated: 19/05/12


Climbing at Reiff
11-13 May, 12

Five Club members met up at Reiff for a weekend of climbing, although they knew beforehand that it was going to be cut short due to the horrendous forecast for Sunday.

On Saturday they headed to Pooh Cliff, but with the westerly wind and being in the shadow it was too cold to climb there.  The next plan was to head to the Pinnacle area, this turned out to be a great idea, although the wind was still cold.



They climbed as a group of two, and one of three, despite the sunshine it was still cold in the wind.


James led off on Xyles and Donna followed in her big boots having left one rock shoe back in Aberdeen!


James got to try out his new belay jacket.


Forbes at on top of the Pinnacle.


Vicky heading up to join him


Next Donna was on the lead, heading up Slanting Corner, still in her big boots.








James then lead up Puckered Wall, where Garry managed to catch a wave, whilst belaying him, as the swell was getting up.  They decided to call it a day and made Skel a final route, hauling their bags out behind them to escape the waves!


The team.


Vicky and Forbes stayed to climb a few more routes as the rest headed out.


All in all, despite the cold, and the weather on Sunday, it was a great weekend in a fabulous location.


Author - Garry Wardrope
Photos - Garry Wardrope