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Last updated: 12/06/13


Ben Wyvis Traverse
19 May, 2013

Ten early birds left Aberdeen with Sue at the wheel and after picking up Donna we arrived at the car park at Garbat at 10am. After sorting out gear etc we left at 10:10am and headed up the path alongside the Allt a’Bhealaich Mhoir in damp misty conditions.


The minibus in the car park


Heading off


Heading up the path in the mist


It was quite warm and we were soon taking off layers as we headed up the steep slopes of An Cabar, which now has a wonderful path all of the way onto the ridge. We stopped at about 900m to have a break and an early lunch.


An early lunch on the slopes of An Cabar


After climbing to the summit of An Cabar and into the brilliant sunshine some of us checked out the information board advising that we should keep to one line across the plateau to stop the erosion from getting worse.


Climbing out into the sunshine


Reaching the plateau


The information board


Once across the 2km to the summit of Ben Wyvis (Glasa Leathad Mor) we stopped again briefly for photographs and a chat with a chap from Muir of Ord and his dog Paddy (although he did say that ‘Paddy’ was spelt the Gaelicway). Donna left us just after the summit and headed back to get the minibus around to Loch Glass to pick us up.


Chatting with ‘Paddys’ owner at the summit


We headed north-northeast from the summit towards Tom a’Choinnich then skirted its western slopes above the snowline at the head of Coire Mor.


Setting off from the summit


Summits to the north peek through the low cloud


Strolling in the sunshine


After another break for sustenance in the afternoon heat we headed over a small steep snowfield past the 910 point and across to the summit of Glas Leathad Beag


Heading up to the snowfield


Crossing the snowfield


Heading for Glas Leathad Beag (middle rear)


Looking back around the corrie edge


The next target was Fiaclach from where Donna had told us there was a good path down to the lochside. Roger had got a bit ahead and he headed off the eastern side and described his descent as steeper than the North Face of the Eiger. He also didn’t find a path on his descent. All of the others headed down to the northwest of the face of Fiachlach and found a sketchy path in the corrie which was through peat hags, holes and waist high heather. It was with great relief that everyone reached the lochside at around 5:30pm.


Looking back at Fiachlach from the descent to the north west (Derek, Heather and Christine came down very steeply in the middle of the picture initially!!)


A debate followed as to where we were supposed to be meeting Donna and after some uncertainty we headed southeast down Loch Glass past Culzie Lodge and eventually came across Donna, Roger (who had had a dip in the loch) and the minibus near the end of the loch.


A brief stop in Dingwall for food and rehydration was followed by Donna whisking a tired but very satisfied group back to Aberdeen for 10pm.


Author - Colin Brown
Photos - Colin Brown & Ken Thomson